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This site gives a start of a still uncompleted but still growing overview of what has been created and offered to collectors and painters of female figurines in diverse scales in metal, resin or plastic. It will be functioning as a (monumental) museum of the art of modelling of female figures in scale like the 1:1 plus scale sculptures of the ancient Greek Phidias and the French artist Rodin and others famous sculptors.

The figures are grouped in historical periods. Each figure is discribed with name, scale and manufacturer if known. All figurines are painted by the artist-creator of this website.

Purpose is to show what kind of figurines exists and as painted examples to inspire other painters and collectors. If you have a suggestion or think a particular figure has to be add to this site contact me: JamesAmsterdam@FemaleModelsInScale.com.

 Many of the shown figurines are used in my website HISTORY IN SCALE (www.history-in-scale.com) in exciting scenes to express my vision of history.

CLICK ON UNDERLINED TEXT beneath the pictures or on the time period at the menu bar above to get on the page you desire to see and enjoy!

At the VARIOUS-pages you can see fantasy figures, native Americans and a collection of only adult figures.


Queen Anne wife of king Louis xiii of France and Lady de Winter: see also the 1500-1700 section.

Molly Pitcher during the American War of Independence 1/32 Plastic Platoon

German Krieg Helferinnen and some civilian women WO2 in scale 1/48

Pallas Athena: ancient greek war goddess and goddess of the city of Athene in diverse scales.

Odalisque, mermaid and white slave girl 80mm Golem Miniatures. Inspired by paintings of Ingres, Waterhouse and Lecomte du Nouÿ.

Figures: Священная война Red Army hunters 1/32 Plastic Platoon

We'll meet again. Don't know where. Don't no when......
1/35 War Front

Shield maiden queen Lagertha with viking relatives king Ragnar, son Bjorn and his uncle Rollo

Shield maiden Lagertha invading Northumbia

1862: General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson surrounded by southern belles admirers in Virginia during the Civil War of America

  • View Ancient

    In this section you find women of the ancient times. Under CLEOPATRA you see Egyptian figures. ATHENA shows Greek related figures. BOUDICCA is dedicated to barbarian women folk, while MESSALINA shows Roman ladies.

  • View Medieval

    Here you find figurines from the dark ages when female viking warriors raided Europe till the time that maid Marian and Jeanne D'Arc entered the stage of history.

  • View 1500-1800

    This section begins with Columbus discovery of the Americas and the indian natives. The time of the Spanish Armada and queen Elizabeth follows with the ladies and courtisanes at the court of French king Louis and his musketeers. It ends with the French revolution and madame Guillotine.

  • View 1800-1925

    This periode sees women figures in napoleontic times and Victorian and Edwardian ladies. Furthermore the exploration of America and colonial wars brought women in violent situations when natives appeared.

  • View 1925-1945

    The roaring twenties. The years of destruction during World War 2 that gave women new professional opportunities as well.

  • View Various

    This section shows the American natives, fantasy figures and the more erotic ones. Only for adults.

Scene: American frontier 1763 Sacajawea figure 54mm Barzso.

Figures: female American sport car driver 1/24 ICM

Fighting belles from Wargamer Hot & Dangerous

German party during WO2 somewhere in France (1941-1944).

Femmes Françaises (French women): French spirits of Liberté, Fraternité et Egalité (Freedom, Brotherhood and Equality)

Being in the proces of painting.

Costume history by female models in scale

Greek sculptor doing his job.

Figure: Female Star Vixen Stormtrooper 75mm Kabuki Models

Collection of unpainted metal figures 54mm

Collection of unpainted metal figures 54mm

Scene: Captive 54mm Tartar Miniatures unfinished and finished model