How to court ladies! 54mm

Some ladies of Napoleon 100mm.

Figures in the front: French sutlers and campfollowers 54mm

figure 1: girl 54mm figure
figure 2: lady 54mm Masterclass
figure 3: Officer 54mm Masterclass
figure 4: girl 54mm figure

Figures: Napoleon conquering a lady 54mm Phoenix

figures: ladies attending ball with French officers of Napoleon 54mm Artig

Figures: 54mm Peipp Dresden miniatures

Scene: British Royal Navy pressgang 1800

Scene: Battle of Trafalgar 1805 gun crew

Scene: Waterloo battle 1815

Scene: recruitment somewhere in France 1800

Scene: British officers 1815 Waterloo

Scene: British riflemen attacked by French dragoons 1800

Scene: Napoleon and the old guard

Scene: Napoleons Old Guard never surrenders "Merde" 1815

Scene: Wellingtons stand at Waterloo 1815