Lady the Winter Spy of cardinal Richelieu Chintoys 1/32

Queen Anne of Austria wife of king Louis xiii of France Chintoys 1/32

Figures: Female pirates 54mm

Figures: Bloody Mary Redhead pirate captain 1/32 Mars

Scene: King's musketeers dueling Cardinals guards

Figures 1 and 2: Female duellists Lady the Winter of the cardinals guard and Constance girlfriend of musketeer Dartagnant 54mm

Scene: Pizarros conquistadores versus Incas 1532

Figure 1: Female Maya 75mm Tomker Models
Figure 2 and 3: Maya New Year 75mm El Viejo Dragon

Figures: Pirates and wenches 54mm

Figure 1: Anne Boleyn second wife of Henry VIII 54mm
Figure 2: Vampire lady 70mm Jimmy Flintstone

Figures: 54mm Peipp Dresden miniatures

figure couple 1: Pirate wench 54mm Sanderson
figure couple 2: Pirate wench 54mm Sanderson
figure couple 3: Pirate wench 54mm Sanderson
figure couple 4: Pirate wench 54mm Sanderson

Figures: 54mm Peipp Dresden miniatures

Spanish conquistadores in Mexico anno 1519 (Chintoys 1/32)

Couple 1: Louis XIII and Anne D'Autriche 54mm Le Cimier
Couple 2: Louis XIV and Marie Therese 54mm Le Cimier

Scene: Henry VIII riding

Scene: Elizabeth 1 of England at Court

Scene: fighting off the Spanish armada 1588 for queen Elizabeth

figure 1: Lady
figure 2: Queen Elizabeth1 of England
figure 3: Charles IX of France and Elisabeth of Austria 54mm Le Cimier

Scene: Ninja surrounded

figure 1: Female samurai 54mm Pegaso Models
figure 2:
figure 3: Geisha 54mm Aurora
figure 4: Geisha 54mm Manufacturer unknown

Scene: Painter at the Habsburger court

figure 1: L'infante Isabella 54mm Storme
figure 2: Maria de Medici 54mm Le Cimier
figure 3: Marguerite de Parme 54mm Storme
figure 4: Queen Claude 54mm Le Cimier

figure 1: Flemish girl 54mm Manufacturer unknown
figure 2: Christine Lalaing 54mm Storme

figure 1:
figure 2:
figure 3:
figure 4: Isabelle de Portugal 54mm Mokarex

figure 1: Peasant 54mm Historex
figure 2: Wench 54mm Sanderson
figure 3: Wench 54mm Sanderson
figure 4: Couple 54mm Sanderson
figure 5: Wench 54mm
figure 6: Puritan woman 54mm

Scene: The king's men enjoying themselves in a tavern during thev English Civil war

figure 1: Stuart lady 54mm Rose Miniatures
figure 2: Georgian lady 54mm Rose Miniatures
figure 3: Madame de Montespan 54mm Mokarex
figure 4: Marie Therese 54mm Mokarex
figure 5: La Pompadour 54mm Mokarex

Scene: King Louis XIV and his courtiers at Versaille

Scene: The French king's musketeers.