Scene: Queen Boudicca preparing her warrior gang for battle against Rome.

Scene: Celtic village in Roman times

Scene: counter attack by Gallic warriors of

chieftain Vercingetorix during the siege of city-fortress Alesia in Gaul by Julius Caesar

Scene: The flogging of Boudicca, queen of the Iceni, by Roman soldiers.

figure 1: Female Gaul 54mm Storme (Belgian)
figure 2: Female Gaul 54mm Storme (Belgian)
figure 3: Female druid 54mm Storme (Belgian)
figure 4: Gaul merchant 54mm Storme (Belgian)

figures 1 and 2: Barbarian women 54mm Ribbecke Miniaturen

figure 1: Boudicca 54mm Rose Miniatures
figure 2: Slave girl 54mm Rose Miniatures

figure 1: Boudicca 90mm Pegaso Models

figure 1: Boudicca 60mm manufacturer unknown
figure 2: Jewish princess 54mm Engineer Basevich
figure 3: Slave girl of Ben Hur 54mm Marx
figure 4: Boudicca 54mm Rose Miniatures