Scene: viking longship sailing along the fjords

figure 1: Valkure 54mm
figure 2: Brunhilde 75mm Alexandros Models
figure 3: Shield maiden 70mm Valkiria Miniatures
figure 4. Lagertha shield maiden 75mm Icon Figures

figure 1:
figure 2:
figure 3:
figure 4:

Lagertha shield maiden queen with viking ex-husband king Ragnar, Rollo brother-in-law and son Bjorn 54mm. Characters from the TV series Vikings

Scene: inside viking longhouse

Scene: female warriors leaving longship

figure 1: Archer 60mm TSSD
figure 2:
figure 3. Viking wife 54mm Chronos Miniatures

Figures 1 and 2: Girl and spinning woman 54mm Ribbecke Miniaturen

Ancient Russian females fighting vikings 1/32 Prikaz

Some female vikings 60mm from Russia and China

Viking shield maidens and women Warhansa 60mm

figure 1: Viking woman 54mm New Hope Design
figure 2:
figure 3: Viking woman 54mm New Hope Design
figure 4:
figure 5:

Scene: Battle of Hastings 1066 Norman warriors of the

Norman-French army of William, the Duke of Normandy

Scene: Battle of Hastings 1066 Normans fighting the warriors 

of the Anglo-Saxon army under leadership of  King Harold